Piano instructor


Dory started playing piano at age four, taking lessons from an incredible teacher and composer named Elaine Lebar. I was a passionate student of Elaine's for twelve years. After finishing his lessons at age seventeen, Dory continued composing and performing on various instruments. He has played guitar since age eleven and has been singing in various choirs and vocal groups since age three and drums since he was ten. Dory continues to pick up any instrument I can get his hands on.

In 2012, Dory went to The Recording Workshop, a school in Chillicothe, Ohio and received certification in Audio Engineering. He has utilized every aspect of that degree ever since. He records music, live or in studio everyday, both professionally and recreationally.

In 2013, Dory joined the local band Loose Ties, and has been performing and running sound simultaneously with them three-hundred plus shows.

Dory has spent  2 summers of leading congregations in music worship: playing guitar and leading in song. 

Additionally, Dory is a studio musician playing acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and piano.

When he's not playing music, he enjoys running, and spending time with his family.