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There is so much talent among our students and teachers. We are proud to see them in the news on a regular basis.  



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Veterans Highway may seem like a regular stretch of road, but it contains a surprising number of hidden gems, like New Transit Truck Stop (an Indian food joint), Anne Arundel County Animal Control and Priddy Music Academy, which has taught several Severna Park High School musicians while also booking shows so they can perform live.

One of those musicians is SPHS rising junior Joe Matthews, lead guitarist for the rock-centric group Downside Up. In addition to Matthews, Downside Up is Crownsville native Lucy O’Brien on lead vocals and siblings John, Andrew and Mackenzie Priddy on keyboard, drums and bass, respectively.

After debuting at Annapolis Fringe Festival in September, Downside Up gigged at several shows. In June, the band took the stage at Eastport a Rockin’ in Annapolis and the Bay Music Festival in Centreville. In July, the band performed at the Nextival, the second annual food truck music festival in Crownsville.


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Lee Priddy pops open a plastic container of blue ear plugs and holds it out like one would offer chewing gum. A sign in the live performance studio at Priddy Music Academy (PMA) recommends ear protection. Priddy is the owner of PMA, a school in Millersville where people of all ages can learn to play in a rock band. Go With The Flow, a rock band of four teenagers, three of whom are Priddy’s children, is setting up.

Lead guitarist and singer Max Pulone fastens the strap to the body of his new, cream-colored Fender electric that he bought with his own money. Priddy throws out a song suggestion: “Stevie Wonder?” Pulone offers his idol: “Maybe John Mayer?” “How about ‘The Spirit of Radio’?” asks Mackenzie Priddy, as she emulates Rush’s Geddy Lee on her bass. John and Andrew Lee stand ready at the keyboard and drums. They settle on Steely Dan’s “My Old School,” a song that showcases the technicality of each student. 



professional & teen musicians HONE their talent


Matt Ascione always wanted to be a musician, but he didn't know he'd be playing to enthusiastic crowds in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa - and the White House. A 1989 graduate of Broadneck High, Matt was a guitarist in the Mellowtones, a top Annapolis teen rock group of the post-disco era.

Pal Doug Segree, who graduated from Broadneck High in 1988, was a member of the popular rock band, too. Surprisingly, their friendship has endured years of globe-trotting, separate career paths and both men settling down with spouses and kids.


musician jillian taylor is a priddy woman

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Jillian Taylor places a call from Berklee College of Music in Boston. Check this: Not only is it her 20th birthday, but also it’s orientation day at the world-renowned institute of contemporary music located in the Athens of America, where she’s a freshman. On this day, she’s running from orientation to ratings auditions, where the faculty will evaluate the new crop of students, determining skill level and grading them on a scale of one to eight.

“Eight is like a prodigy,” Taylor explained, the words tumbling out at a gallop over the phone. “One is like, you’re not very experienced, but you’re talented and have potential. Everybody’s totally freaking out.”



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So far, Crofton’s 50th Anniversary committee has celebrated the town’s milestone with an arts and crafts fair, the Winterfest Luau and a flower-basket contest among other festivities. On May 31, the board will partner with Crofton Country Club to hold Summerfest, a free community spectacle featuring games, music and prizes.

“I wanted to hold a music event with local talent. Crofton Country Club is having their anniversary too, so they told us to have the event at the club,” recalled Gina Knudson, anniversary committee chair. “They wanted to kick off the summer and thought it was a great idea to do that while also having our event.”