Song Writing Workshop


What will this songwriting workshop entail?

Students will learn different approaches to writing a song.

No two kids are the same, so no two songwriting processes are the same.

This workshop will cover the following level 1 topics:

  • Object writing and boxing

  • Rhyming types 

  • Basic Chord loops and progression building technique

  • Basic song forms

  • The Verse

  • The Chorus

These tools will have your child writing songs non-stop! Songwriting is a powerful tool for stress-relief and self-expression. It also allows your child to connect with people and develop emotional intelligence and communication skills.

Required Materials: 

  • The Complete Rhyming Dictionary

  • Spiral notebook (Lined paper for notes)

  • Pencils

  • Staff paper (print out sheets online for free)

  • Accompanying instrument of choice (Piano, guitar, ukulele, bass)